i heart UK boys

Heyyyy . its been quite a long time since i last posted anything . and now here i am ! i just don’t know why but i just love single sex schools . I know that i’ve never been to one, but the way they describe it in movies and books seems sooooooooo fun and exciting. But what i like the most is of course the all boys schools . i wish that i can go to one despite of the fact that i’m a girl . well maybe i can pretend to be a boy just like in the movies ? hahaha . that’s one of my wildest imagination .

i just adore all boys schools especially if it is a boarding school . the boys usually looks so charming and posh . they’ve got their own style and that charismatic vibes that you know make girls melts and make their hearts beat faster. dup dup , dup dup ~ 

since last night , i have been googling some stuff about Eton College. The best+famous all-boys private school ! Eton College is situated in UK , and you know how i adore UK boysssss right ! prince harry and william were some of the former students who had once enrolled at the college . I had once knew about the college not so long ago when i read an article about it in Times magazine , but things become much more interesting to me when i just found out that handsome+cute Tengku Fahad, from the royal familiy of Pahang had just graduated from Eton! 

And that just woahhhhhh me ! :O How i wish that i can go to Eton college , sigh~ 

i wanna get married with someone from Eton College … :/ nahhhhhh that will be seriously impossible .

how about marrying someone from an all boys school ? MCKK= Eton College Malaysia? lol , pun boleh !